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Recordings of Michel Supéra

Recording Gravity Ripples

Enregistrement de Gravity Ripples, d’Olivier Calmel,
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Pauline Haas (Harpe),
Thomas Bloch (Glass Harmonica).

• 22/23 octobre


Check-in at Villefavard

Enregistrement à Villefavard de “Il pleut des voix de femmes”.

More> “It’s raining women’s voices” <


Check-in at Villefavard

Registration in Villefavard,
with Mora Vocis, Marie Vermeulin (pianist), Alain Carré (narrator),
from “In Quest” and “An Angel Passes…”
by Sophie Lacaze
album release January 2022
at Paraty.

• Saturday September 11, 2021.


Photos : (c) Guy Bompais

Recording with the Music of Peacekeepers

Release of the recording made with the Music of the Guardians of the Peace of Paris,
management Gildas Harnois.
Works by Laurent Petitgirard Calmel Olivier and Martin Ellerby

Registration Michel Supera

• Monday, February 29, 2016