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The concerts of Michel Supéra

Concert at Le Touquet

Summer Concert with Sylvain Heili (organist)
at Le Touquet.

• Sunday July 28, 2024.
• 18 h.
• Place Edouard VII.

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who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Duo Concert in Sainte-Maxime

Duo Michel Supéra, Éric Comère,
“The Nights of Nartelle”.

• July 4, 2024.
• 21 h.
• Amphitheater of the Chapelle de la Nartelle.

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who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Duo Supéra & Comère

Supéra/Comère duo concert in Sin-Le-Noble.

• Sunday June 2, 2024.
• 16 h.
• Maria Casarès Theater.

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who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Concert saxophone & organ

Concert with Sylvain Heili (organ)
“from Tansman to Gershwin, from emotion to fantasy…”.

• Sunday May 12, 2024,
• at 5 p.m.
• In the Notre-Dame des Côtés Roussillon church.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris & Sylvain Heili

Soloist concert in Como

Master-class and solo concert in Como (Italy)
with the SaxMeet Ensemble,
directed by Silvia Guglielmelli.

• Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4, 2024.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Soloist concert in Croix

Solo concert with the Borée ensemble
at the Conservatoire de Croix,
and jury at the Bois do/ré competition

• Concert Saturday March 16, 2024,
• Jury, Sunday March 17, 2024.

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who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Duo concert in Monaco

Supéra-Comère duo concert and Master-Class
at the Rainier III Academy in Monaco.
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Éric Comère (accordion).

• Wednesday 13
and Thursday March 14, 2024.


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the Rainier III Academy of Monaco
Michel Supéra, ÉRIC Comère

Master Class and concerts in Bangkok

Master Class and concerts in Bangkok.

• From February 27 to March 1, 2024.


Concert in the Bay of Somme

Duo Concert “Latin Fantasies”,
et Master Class.
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Nicolas Lestoquoy (guitar).

• Saturday February 10, 2024,
• Master class during the day (morning & afternoon),
• Concert at 6:00 p.m.,
• At the Baie de Somme Conservatory:
– Auditorium Albert Laurent,
– 6 Off. du Port, 80100 Abbeville.

Reservations: 03 22 24 41 28
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Michel Supéra, Nicolas Lestoquoy

Concert and Master Class in Reims

Supéra-Comère Duo Concert, “French impression”,
at the CRR in Reims.
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Éric Comère (accordion).

• Tuesday December 12, 2023,
• at 8:00 p.m.,
• at the CRR auditorium in Reims.

Master class,
• Wednesday December 13.

Reservations: 03 26 35 61 45
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Michel Supéra, Éric Comère

Concert Duo “Travelling”

Concert “Travelling”,
National Stage “the Phoenix”,
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Baptiste Trotignon (piano).

• Tuesday December 5,
• at 8:00 p.m.,
• “Le Phénix” National Stage, Valenciennes.

Reservations: 03 27 32 32 32
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Baptiste Trotignon - Michel Supéra

International Saxophone Meeting

International Meeting of Saxophones,
with the SaxMeet Ensemble from Italy,
directed by Silvia Guglielmelli
et la saxophone class by Michel Supéra – Arsen Hajyan.
Jean-François Bodelot piano

• Friday November 24,
• at 7 p.m.,
• Henri Dutilleux Auditorium of the CRR of Douai

International Saxophone Meeting

Supéra-Comère duo concert

Duo Supéra-Comère concert, Coluche hall in Loon-Plage,
Winds east to west & French prints.
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Eric Comère (accordion).

• Saturday October 14,
• at 8:00 p.m.

Concert Michel Supéra, Eric Comère

Concert at the Mi Fa Saulnois festival

Supéra-Comère concert at the Mi Fa Saulnois Festival in Château-Salins,
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Eric Comère (accordion).

• Thursday October 5,
• at 8:00 p.m.

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Supera/Comere concert

Concert at the Commanderie des Antonins, Saint-Marc-La-Lande,
Michel Supera (saxophone),
Eric Comère (accordion).

• Sunday July 23, 2023,
• at 5:00 p.m.

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AMERICA Concert, Church Music Festival,
with pianist Varduhi Yeritsyan,
at Warham.

• Saturday July 15, 2023,
• at 7 p.m.,
• Church of Warhem.

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Saxophone and Organ Concert

Concert with Sylvain Heili,
Saxophone and Organ
in Landrecies.

• Sunday May 14, 2023,
• at 6 p.m.

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Concert with String Quintet

Supéra-Comère Concert with a String Quintet.

• Friday April 7, 2023,
• at 8:00 p.m.,
• at the Jean Vilar Theater in Saint-Quentin.

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Concert sax & Cie

Soloist Concert & MasterClass at La Motte-Servollex,
in Savoy.

• Saturday April 1, 2023.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

MasterClass & solo concert

MasterClass and Soloist Concert in Doullens

• Sunday March 19, 2023,
• at the cultural center of Doullens.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

MasterClass/Concert in Valencia

MasterClass and Concert at the Valence-Romans sur Isère Conservatory
you Duo “Winds from East to West”,
Michel Supéra (saxophone), Eric Comère (accordion).

Saturday February 25, 2023.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris & Eric Comere

Concert in Vic-sur-Seille

Duo concert in Vic-sur-Seille (57) with Michel Supéra & Nicolas Lestoquoy.
• Sunday February 12, 2023,
• at 3.30 p.m.,
• at the church of Vic-sur-Seille.

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