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Concert Supéra/Comère

Concert à La Commanderie des Antonins, Saint-Marc-La-Lande,
Michel Supéra (saxophone),

Eric Comère (accordéon).

• Dimanche 23 juillet 2023,
• à 17h00.

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Concert AMERICA, Festival Musique en église,
avec la pianiste Varduhi Yeritsyan,
à Warhem.

• Samedi 15 Juillet 2023,
• à 19h00,
• église de Warhem.

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Saxophone and Organ Concert

Concert avec Syvain Heili,
Saxophone et Orgue,
à Landrecies.

• Dimanche 14 mai 2023,
• à 18h00.

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Concert avec Quintette à Cordes

Concert Supéra-Comère avec un Quintette à Cordes.

• Vendredi 7 Avril 2023,
• à 20h00,
• au Théâtre Jean Vilar de Saint-Quentin.

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Concert Saxo & Cie

Concert Soliste & MasterClass à la Motte-Servollex,
en Savoie.

• Samedi 1er Avril 2023.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

MasterClass au Conservatoire Royal

MasterClass au Conservatoire Royal de Mons en Belgique
• Mercredi 22 mars 2023.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

MasterClass & solo concert

MasterClass et Concert Soliste à Doullens

• Dimanche 19 Mars 2023 ,
• à l’espace culturel de Doullens.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

Wood/Gold Competition

Jury Saxophone
in the Bois/Doré Competition

• Sunday March 5, 2023

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who trained at National Conservatory in Paris

MasterClass/Concert in Valencia

MasterClass et Concert au Conservatoire de Valence-Romans sur Isère
du Duo “Winds from East to West”,
Michel Supéra (saxophone), Eric Comère (accordion).

Samedi 25 février 2023.

who trained at National Conservatory in Paris & Eric Comere

Concert à Vic-sur-Seille

Concert Duo à Vic-sur-Seille (57) avec Michel Supéra & Nicolas Lestoquoy.
• le dimanche 12 février 2023,
• at 3.30 p.m.,
• à l’église de Vic-sur-Seille.

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Tél. : 06 30 76 01 52

Critique of Musicology

For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”.

An album between classical and jazzy dedicated to French musical atmospheres…
… A great success.

Alain Lambert

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Review of Gabriel Yared

For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”.

“Through their intense and inspired interpretation,
the two accomplices, Michel Supéra and Eric Comère,
take us into a luminous world, an eclectic universe,
going from Bizet to Trotignon,
and at the service of all music.
Congratulations and thank you for your arrangement of Vincent and Théo!”.

Gabriel Yared,

Review of Gabriel Yared

Review by Laurent Petitgirard

Composer, conductor and perpetual secretary of the institute.

“It was with great pleasure that I discovered
these French Impressions recorded by Eric Comère and Michel Supéra.
The beautifully controlled fusion of accordion timbres
and alto or soprano saxophones from these two excellent instrumentalists
evolves according to the proposed repertoires, whether they come from classical,
jazz, cinema, popular music or works by Eric Comère.
The technical quality of the two interpreters is at the service
of a very beautiful musicality which makes this original disc
a great success.

Laurent Petitgirard

Review by Frédéric Lodeon

Columnist on France Musique.

“You will find in this recording many of the riches
of the French spirit: free gaiety, nostalgia,
vitality, clarity, lyricism or rhythmic energy.
The sound alliance of Michel Supéra's saxophones and accordion
by Éric Comère perfectly suits this very varied repertoire,
which takes us to the most touching melodies
from the best popular authors to the most popular plays
great composers of yesterday and today.
The diversity of styles covered allows both performers
to express all the nuances of their expressiveness
and their virtuosity.
I find in certain passages the atmosphere of the Paris of yesteryear
which has served as the setting for so many noir or romantic films
world famous today.
Thanks to Eric Comère and Michel Supera
for these eloquent “French Impressions””.

Frédéric Lodéon, September 2, 2022.

Review by Thierry Vagne

For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”

Rare and light music – Daniel Propper – Michel Supéra…

Thierry Vagne.

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Release of the CD “French Impressions”

Released June 21, 2022.
Eric Comère accordion, Michel Supéra saxophone.
“French prints” the songs of F.Lemarque, V.Scotto, E.Piaf cross the beautiful harmonies of C.Debussy, G.Bizet, E.Satie, passing by B.Trotignon and G.Yared….beautiful discovery!

CD “French Impressions”

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Check-in at Villefavard

Registration in Villefavard,
with Mora Vocis, Marie Vermeulin (pianist), Alain Carré (narrator),
from “In Quest” and “An Angel Passes…”
by Sophie Lacaze
album release January 2022
at Paraty.

• Saturday September 11, 2021.


Photos : (c) Guy Bompais

Saxophone Competition

Master-class and Jury President
International Competition for Saxophone Carquefou

• From Thursday 11 April to Sunday, April 13, 2019

More> International Saxophone Competition Carquefou

concours International de Saxophone Carquefou

ResMusica, 13 November 2019

Sophie Lacaze et Michel Supéra

Et alors que cette compositrice traite les instruments comme la voix lorsqu’elle les utilise, son aînée prend exactement le parti-pris inverse, le saxophoniste Michel Supéra le confirmant grâce à sa brillante exécution d’Episode IV. La symbiose est étonnante entre l’instrument et les trois voix quand le quatuor interprète la remarquable partition de Sophie Lacaze, Je vois passer l’ange.

Marie Bertrande Flous

• Pour lire l’article
“La 21e édition du festival Musiques Démesurées
autour de Betsy Jolas”  > click here <


Recording with the Music of Peacekeepers

Release of the recording made with the Music of the Guardians of the Peace of Paris,
management Gildas Harnois.
Works by Laurent Petitgirard Calmel Olivier and Martin Ellerby

Registration Michel Supera

• Monday, February 29, 2016