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For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”.

An album between classical and jazzy dedicated to French musical atmospheres…
… A great success.

Alain Lambert

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For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”.

“Through their intense and inspired interpretation,
the two accomplices, Michel Supéra and Eric Comère,
take us into a luminous world, an eclectic universe,
going from Bizet to Trotignon,
and at the service of all music.
Congratulations and thank you for your arrangement of Vincent and Théo!”.

Gabriel Yared,

Review of Gabriel Yared


“It was with great pleasure that I discovered
these French Impressions recorded by Eric Comère and Michel Supéra.
The beautifully controlled fusion of accordion timbres
and alto or soprano saxophones from these two excellent instrumentalists
evolves according to the proposed repertoires, whether they come from classical,
jazz, cinema, popular music or works by Eric Comère.
The technical quality of the two interpreters is at the service
of a very beautiful musicality which makes this original disc
a great success.

Laurent Petitgirard


Columnist on France Musique.

“You will find in this recording many of the riches
of the French spirit: free gaiety, nostalgia,
vitality, clarity, lyricism or rhythmic energy.
The sound alliance of Michel Supéra's saxophones and Éric Comère's accordion
perfectly suited to this very varied repertoire,
which takes us to the most touching melodies of the best popular authors
to the most popular pieces by great composers of yesterday and today.
The diversity of styles covered allows both performers
to express all the nuances of their expressiveness and virtuosity.
I find in certain passages the atmosphere of the Paris of yesteryear
which has served as the setting for so many noir or romantic films
world famous today.
Thanks to Eric Comère and Michel Supera
for these eloquent “French Impressions””.

Frédéric Lodéon, September 2, 2022.


For the release of the album “Impressions françaises”,
Rare and light music – Daniel Propper – Michel Supéra…

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The medium of classical music.
Michel Supéra: At the crossroads of saxophone repertoires.
On August 13, 2019, by Anne-Sandrine DI GIROLAMO

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Sandwich concerts. Saxophone and accordion filled the public.
Published November 28, 2018 at 6:46 p.m.

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Concerts sandwich. Saxophone et accordéon


Interview by Wéo, television Hauts-de-France
Duo "of East Winds … West "
Michel Supera (saxophones) & Eric Comère (accordion).

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Wéo, la télévision des Hauts-de-France



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ECHO des Vosges


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Journal of Tuesday, September 26.
AMERICAN OPEN, The Association of Epinal famous Classics Concerts this year its 71 years, and opened its new season last Sunday invited the Rotunda Capavenir Vosges Thaon, the band of peacekeepers in Paris .

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The World According Comère and Supera… Concert May 26 at the Festival of Arras jazz.

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Here is a critical "Of Contertants horizons" by Francis Pieters, for CMF magazine No. 577 (May 2016).

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Producer at France Inter, France Culture director, director of music in France daily and weekly programs ...

"The accordion / sax duets are still unstoppable, see the duo Vincent Peirani / Emile Parisien, or the oldest Richard Galliano / Michel Portal association, stamps and phrasing of the two instruments are complementary diabolically ... recall also for memory that both are reed instruments.

The "Wind from East to West" project just released a few weeks ago with the cooperation of the company "Buffet Crampon" well-known instrument maker and the "Phoenix" national stage Valenciennes, like what they is not that good mouthpiece of Paris, QED!
This project, therefore, is the result of the meeting there are four years between accordionist / compositeurEric Comère and saxophonist Michel Supera.
Note that Michel Supera artist is "Buffet Crampon" for two years and played on the new range "Senzo" manufacturer, which provides instruments of precision, quality stamps and flexibility of play, revolutionary ... obvious to listening to this project!

On the CD, except two songs, one of Tony Murena, one of Hermeto Pascoal, all compositions are Eric Comère.
The project is divided roughly into two parts, the second being "Bulgarian inspiration" a kind of double concerto onto which are the string quartet "Joachim" and Olivier Talpaert bass.
A beautiful suite, inspired and profound.
The music of Eric Comère is beautiful, bright and fluid.
Also remarkably served by two virtuoso musicians without any ostentation, the signature of the great artists.
A musical journey through many cultures and rich and varied influences.
Fluidity and musicality are the watchwords felt listening to this nugget.
To say that I liked it mildly, I LOVED !! "


Concert Sunday, July 12, 2015, in Germany.
French Music program with the National Orchestra of Oldenburg
Direction Laurent Petitgirard
Soloist Michel Supera

“… the Concerto for saxophone and orchestra “Etats d’âme” from 2013 is in the French tradition of impressionist music with a shimmering of colors and images. This music remains consciously tonal with Petitgirard and is close to film music.
The soloist Michel Supéra, enchants with his saxophone each melody passing through classical moments and moments of jazz.
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Andreas Schweiberer.

Interview Michel Supéra


Recording of a program “Le Grand Caléidophone” with Pierre Charvet.
Two hundred years ago, Adolphe Sax, the brilliant inventor of the saxophone, was born in Belgium.
To evoke this instrument, Le Grand Caléidophone welcomes this evening, one of its ambassadors,
saxophonist Michel Supera.
• Sunday March 16, 2014
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Concert of March 17, 2013, creation of States of soul:

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“On the saxophone, Michel Supéra had the honor of performing this new concerto. Well supported by the orchestra and its conductor, he did it in a masterful way. He pushed his instrument to the possible limits in the tessitura imposed with the composer. »


Concert of August 11, 2013 at La Charité sur Loire with the “Inédits” Quartet

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A tribute to film music, often so close to one another, four saxophonists in perfect harmony that occur all over the world since 2005. "

Michel Supera and Pierre Charvet

PIERRE Charvet

Creating “Novasto” for alto saxophone and electronics
May 21, 2011 at MEN Festival in Wroclaw.

"It is the intention of Michel Supera I Novasto compound
for saxophone and electronics.
The composition of the first steps to the creation in Poland
the score required an intensive dialogue between the composer and the performer.
Throughout this process, Michel Supera gave this partition
all I could hope: his great musicality, exceptional involvement,
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it is also that of Michel Supéra.

Michel_SikoraElzbieta Sikora

Creation of Happy Valenciennes for saxophones and electronics,
November 24, 2012 at the National Stage of Valenciennes “The Phoenix”.

“Working with Michel Supéra, the interpreter, gave me a lot of satisfaction.
For "Happy Valenciennes» Michel SuperA has not only been at the origin of the project
but has invested heavily as a soloist and teacher
knowing how to motivate his students in the face of a new experience for them.
Michel Supéra brilliantly played the 15 minutes of the alto saxophone solo
accompanied by real-time transformations by Carl Faia.
He was both inventive and attentive to the score.
I will be happy to work with him again in the future. »

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Michel Supera,
gig on 09/16/2011.



« Dear Mr Supera,
My “Two Movements for Alto Saxophone”, which date from the 1980s,
are regularly scheduled around the world.
I have several recordings of this composition.
I've heard her live many times. I thought I heard it all.
However, by attending your remarkable performance with the Orchestra of the Guides of Belgium,
I discovered new facets of my composition.
Indeed, from the first bars, the delicacy of your sound, your musical inflections,
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was simply dithyrambic. I felt a lot of emotions.
In these moments, I look at the public to see if their reactions are the same as mine.
I can tell you, it was….

The “Caprice” that followed was, of course, spectacular but still imbued with “this” musicality that is unique to you.
I particularly appreciated the arabesques in the lower range,
performed with exemplary regularity (as the composer wishes).
I also liked the dialogue with the orchestra.
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In short, you have interpreted my "Two Movements" with such ease as the public,
orchestra and…composer were captivated and above all admiring.
I can tell you, without revealing a "secret", that the musicians and the conductor also appreciated your performance.
and were happy to accompany you.

As for me, I thank you very much for highlighting "my" music by interpreting it as you have done.
I will send you in a few days my last material composition for alto saxophone
(Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and orchestra -chamber orchestra-), hoping, I am sure,
that you will also interpret it with your own musical emotions.

I should not attend this concert ... but I am very happy to have decided to move
and especially to have heard you. Again my warmest congratulations and….Thank you.

André Waignein. »

Michel Supéra, a divine breath at the CSE

Concert Wattrelos October 13, 2012

“Indeed Michel Supéra, accompanied by an orchestra (Musicaplus, 60 musicians from Reeds, not far from Lens, including a double bass player) entertained a full house… this virtuoso was enthusiastic. For ten years he led a large jazz orchestra in the Paris region. He also played with the RTBF orchestra, the ONL, in Valenciennes in particular. Saxophone teacher, he never tires of passing on his passion to others.”


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Concert of February 5, 2012 at the Festival Harpe en Avesnois

“We are going to witness the birth of a work, recalled Jean Duprey, president of the Harpe en Avesnois association. It's like a baby, it's very important. We then saw Anne-Sophie Bertrand and Michel Supera, two virtuoso musicians, arrive on stage while the composer "dad" settled among the crowd, his head in his hands, tense and concentrated...

With this concert, Michel Supera showed that the saxophone could be an astonishing melodic instrument, flexible and as light as a clarinet, with this depth which allows it to go louder, further... In the end, Zehava, two visions gold was loudly applauded. And the "dad" said he was "very happy". The work was born (in a church, in addition…), he still has to make his way: “A work survives when the musicians want to play it. » • V.T.

"Winds from east to west"

Concert of February 3, 2012

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Despite a title with a slightly disturbing name and its lively and repetitive rhythm, Obsession charmed the audience. it must be said that the two musicians responded harmoniously.

A large place improvisation

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The compositions of the duo performed during the evening were very varied, mixing gypsy sounds, music from Eastern Europe, and even tango.
In several of their compositions, Michel Supéra and Éric Comère have given a large place to improvisation